Enhance Your G Suite and Google Classroom with Zoom

(By Earl Murtagh-Naughton)

One of the great features of Zoom has been its ability to easily integrate with other 3rd party platforms. In particular, Zoom offers seamless integration with the Google G Suite applications and workflows. These native integrations offer Google users an enhanced experience that delivers superior usability, efficiency, and convenience.

The Zoom for G Suite integration empowers users to effortlessly schedule, start, and join Zoom meetings direct from G Suite. All of these can be conveniently accessed from both desktops and mobile devices, as well as centrally managed by IT.

With integrations supporting single sign-on and login with Google, users enjoy a frictionless login experience. From Gmail, Google Calendar to Google Classroom; Zoom enhances your experience on all of these platforms.

Zoom for Google Calander

The Zoom for Google Calendar add-on makes it easier to schedule, join, and view Zoom meetings in Google Calendar web and mobile apps. As guests are invited, a Zoom meeting with your default settings can automatically be added to the event.

Zoom for Gmail

Zoom for Gmail add-on allows you to instantly escalate any email to a Zoom meeting. The add-on will automatically send calendar and email invitations to everyone on the email thread. After the meeting is complete, the add-on sends a meeting summary to the participants.

What is Google Classroom

In the past couple of months, teachers transitioned classes from in a physical classroom to a virtual classroom as schools sought to slow the spread of COVID-19. The usage of Google Classroom, which helps teachers and students manage assignment workflows, increased significantly.

Google Classroom is a simple way for teachers and educators to send, grade, and keep track of assignments. Students will receive an invitation from their teacher to join a class. The teacher can then send out assignments to the entire class at once, with due dates. Students will be notified by email of all new assignments posted by a teacher. The platform has helped teachers greatly as students all over the world engaged in distance learning.

How to use Zoom with Google Classroom

Given how easy Zoom has made moving your class to the virtual space from a video perspective and how Google Classroom has made managing assignments and tuition in the virtual space; many educators have successfully integrated both platforms together and consistently communicate the benefits of doing do. The great thing about these platforms is that they will integrate within a few short steps. Whether you want to send out links to live Zoom classes or send out Zoom recordings to your students; heres how to do it.

  • Schedule your Zoom Meeting though your Zoom Desktop Application or via the browser and copy the Zoom invitation to your clipboard. Please ensure you follow Zoom Security Best Practices For Education.
  • Open your Google Classroom Application on your browser.
  • Under the “Classwork” tab, click on “Create”.
  • Select “Material”, and enter all of the necessary information about your class or office offices.
  • Add the name of your class in the “Title” section.
  • In the “Description “Section”, paste your Zoom invitation.
  • A good practice is to copy the link in the Zoom invitation and attach it as a link as shown in the image below.

As you can see the integration of both of these platforms (Zoom and Google Classroom) is very simple. The example above outlines how to schedule a class on as a Zoom Meeting and to send it out to students using Google Classroom. You could also, instead of pasting the Zoom invitation in the “Description” section, you could paste a link to a Zoom Cloud Recording. Both instances ensure a seamless experience for users.

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